Poor Snoopy, Innocent Linus


*) diambil dari sini, saat2 majibu gini emang paling enak baca2 comicstrip, wkwk

updated: nemu satu lagi yg lucu nih, innocent Linus, wkwk



7 thoughts on “Poor Snoopy, Innocent Linus

  1. glindstr1 says:

    hey i like your blog
    add me to your blog roll and ill add you to mine
    mine is .. “reviewnewmovies.wordpress.com”
    then ill add you and we can get our blog out there!

  2. @sentinel: iya, aku aja ampe udah ngabisin comicstrip tahun 2008, gokil!
    @glindstr1: thank you
    @vion: blum, minta dong, panda!
    @nuna: eh ga kebaca ya, ni gw tulisin yg kedua:
    – charlie brown: This is an interesting article. It says that TV is not harmful to childern. Do you think TV is harmful to you Linus?
    – linus: I dont know… I’ve never had one fall on me

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