Pardon, What Are You Saying?

I apologize if I don’t understand what you are saying…
Just so you know, I’m trying so hard to listen to you
But your words just passed me by
Somehow it made me feel guilty
’cause it seems like what you’re doing is useless
Tell me, am I the only one who’s lost in the other world?
I’m sure I’m not
So sir, please just give me an ‘A’

*) gyahaha, curhatan training hari ini nih…oh please somebody, help!!!


4 thoughts on “Pardon, What Are You Saying?

  1. maksudnya, “apa yg kamu omongin” itu harusnya “what you are saying” ya, kalo tidak dalam pertanyaan..hehehe…maklum du, masih tarkam…udah diedit tuh…thnx y…

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